Stucco house with Rhino Shield jacksonville.  jacksonville florida.


Rhino Shield Jacksonville

Rhino Shield Jacksonville - perfect for Stucco and masonry exteriors.  Rhino Shield was initially designed for stucco in the 1970's.  Over the years it has been formulated to go over any surface.  Stucco always cracks and can fade easily.  Rhino Shield is designed to expand and contract with your stucco - so no more cracks.  Cracks allow water to infiltrate your walls.  Water wreaks havoc with the wood framing in your walls and leads to costly damage. Rhino Shield uses state of the art Tint technology that reflects UV rays. Rhino Shield is designed and rated to stand up to the harshest hurricane force driven rains.   This isn't your typical hardware store paint.  Rhino Shield of Jacksonville, FL has you covered. NO MORE STUCCO CRACKS!